BillTunes June 2005   Year: 2005

  1. My Back Pages (live) (cover) (taken from live VoL DVD UK show) YouTube

Summershine Demos

  1. She Is Fading
  2. Galaxy
  3. I Could Be Wrong
  4. Summershine
  5. Stand Beside Me
  6. S.O.S.
  7. Puttin' Out Fires
  8. Happy Being Lonely, Lonely Being Happy
  9. Making It Up As We Go Along
  10. Sailors
  11. Green Summer Lawn
  12. Along for the Ride
  13. You Know That
  14. Summer's Here

Live at Portal Music Cafe (4/2/05)

  1. Nothing Like a Train (live) YouTube
  2. After All This Dust Settles Down (live) YouTube
  3. High and Lonesome (live) YouTube
  4. In Time with Yours (live) YouTube
  5. The Kidz on Drugz (or Life) (live)






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