High and Lonesome   Year: 2004 | Run Time: 3:42

Written by Bill Mallonee for CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©2004

i'm so long overdue for me to tell you
i love you girl and baby thanks
people sure buy a lot of what doesn't make 'em happy
but our love is money in the bank

too close for most
one brick shy of grandiose

i'm high yeah i'm high again
i'm in love but i'm so lonesome
yeah i'm high i'm high again
i'm in love but i'm so lonesome

you really oughta tidy up those loose ends of your life
the ones you keep hangin' on the fence
people seem to want substantial periods
at the end of my every sentence

so be it was all she wrote
with a flair for the dramatic and the grandiose

there's always someone coming 'round to tell ya' when you're dragging
someone wants to fix your wagon
but my wheels they've got a trick that they were taught
when you get one fixed another falls off

thank you for this place to fall
honey would you be my all in all

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