Summershine   Year: 2000 | Run Time: 3:40

Written by Bill Mallonee for CyBrenJoJosh (BMI)

summer's here with vengeance spring is on the run
hair we pressed with flowers girl upon the summer lawn
and all the sweethearts of the world give answer just for free
although they'd like to shout it out they're sworn to secrecy

there's nothing like your first kiss
to wake me from these dreams
i never felt so clear so clean

'cause when i look into your eyes blue ocean of trust
used to be that i could see just the two of us
oh you my summershine fading into dusk
i'm so dizzy i can't see just the two of us

here i'll walk the razor's edge there you walk the ledge
played the tape a thousand times of all we did and said
say that you found joy could be she found you first
she's been known to catch you at a loss for words

Did You Know?

This was recorded for Audible Sigh, but did not make the cut (along with three other tracks). The plan was to have Julie Miller add backup vocals to it.

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