Nothing Like a Train   Run Time: 5:17

Written by Bill Mallonee for CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©2000

nothing like the rain to bring you down
nothing like a train to take you far away
leaving here without a sound
yeah should have been gone yesterday
it was the diamonds i remember
yeah right there behind your eyes
i'm captured once again and seen through
honey your camera never lies

nothing like the leaves 'round your front door
and the stages and the pages you've been in love before
and the things you feel inside these bones
and those that won't leave you
those that won't leave you
those that won't leave you alone

you can map the lay of the land
yeah you can describe the sad terrain
let us survey all the borders
yeah but it all still looks the same
when you find there's nothing special
yeah about that big hole in your heart
'cause everybody's got one
with precious little time to talk about it

here's another song for brenda
yeah another tune for josh and joe
another postcard from the highway
my God where do these days go

Did You Know?

An excerpt from "Nothing Like a Train" was used in an episode of Felicity on May 17, 2000 (#2.22 "The Final Answer"). This came about because one of the soundmen for the show is a huge fan of Bill Mallonee. Bill has described this song as an "appalachian lullaby" and says that it's about leaving home and trying to find a sense of home on the road. In the lyrics he mentions his two sons and his first wife by name.

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