BillTunes March 2005   Year: 2005

  1. Girl From the North Country (cover) (features a co-lead vocal with Jake Bradley)
  2. Skin (live) (Acoustic Cafe 10/20/1995) YouTube
  3. Doin' Time (live) (Acoustic Cafe 7/14/1998)
  4. Farther up the Road (live) (Acoustic Cafe 7/14/98)


  1. Tokyo Rose (from Slow Dark Train 1997)

Live at Uncommon Ground (6/29/04)

  1. Nothing Like a Train (live) YouTube
  2. Hard Luck and Heart Attack (live)
  3. High and Lonesome (live) YouTube
  4. Where the Light Does Fall (live)
  5. With Any Luck at All (live) YouTube
  6. The Kidz on Drugz (or Life) (live)
  7. Out On the Weekend (live) (cover) YouTube
  8. After All This Dust Settles Down (live) YouTube
  9. You've Got the Devil Left to Pay (live)
  10. Solar System (live) YouTube
  11. Who Will You Love? (live) YouTube
  12. Offer (live)
  13. Here Comes Heartache (live)






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