Where the Light Does Fall   Year: 2004 | Run Time: 4:14

Written by Bill Mallonee for CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©2004

starlight pretty story
you are all so out of the ordinary
and everybody is everyone around us
but with your eyes cast down how would you notice

where the magic lies in us all
just beneath your skin where the light does fall

coming up empty falling down short
another disturbing progress report
that you wrote yourself in the drought's fine dust
there's a different standard in which you must trust

if there's a secret worth talkin' about
what you're putting in is what you're likely to get out
so step outside your skin today
a little love and affection gonna go a long long way

there was a man who rode the rails
and Woody Guthrie he was bound to tell
that he found that glory in the eyes i bet
of every man and woman and child he ever met

Did You Know?

Bill has noticed a volume drop issue with this track as it appears on Dear Life,. He says, "The sound should hit the speakers stronger. That's a bit un-nerving... not sure what happened to be honest." This is also an issue with "Chameleon Me."

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