Baalam's Ass   Run Time: 3:45

Written by Bill Mallonee for Irving Music, Inc., Allegiance Music, Russachugama Music and CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©1995

yeah i've always wandered by this riverside
i've always wondered what it's like to be more than alive
yeah the boss man says "i'd advise you resist"
i just nod my head and look off in the distance

these days i never go out looking much
or feeling my best
i'm sorry this stuff
it clings to my flesh

one is men's hearts that are failing for fear
two see the carnage strewn on the shore
three are the life boats full to capacity
four is there room for just one more
five you will feel like the great wallenda
six as he stepped out over tallulah gorge
seven i will bind myself to the truth
and speak it like balaam's ass once more
say yeah life boats are burning

she said it's days like today that make me know God is near
said it matter of fact said it so sincere
well he's got your eyes and he's got my ears
hope he sees what you see
hope he ears what i hear

the statue of liberty i could just stand and stare at her
i've always heard that sports builds character
masses and multitudes mumbling their parts
dying come crawling with holes in their hearts

Did You Know?

Bill describes "Baalam's Ass" as "a Sunday School song." When Kenny was with the band, the Vigilantes would play this in a swampy, slowed down style, with Kenny on lapsteel. Who was the Great Wallenda? Karl Wallenda crossed Tallulah Gorge in Northern Georgia on a tightrope on July 18, 1970 at the age of 65. He died eight years later while performing in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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