Hopeless Is as Hopeless Does   Run Time: 4:08

Written by Bill Mallonee for Fingerprint Records and CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©1996

atlanta sixty miles to go on a ghost-green sign
athens another seventy-five there on the backside
yeah no brass band triumphant heard
flying home to love maybe crawling's a better word

a bed of nails you can lie on if you want it
always an ax to grind with your name upon it

hopeless is as hopeless does
i love you i love you well just because
that's to say if i drown
let's no go into that now
eyes on Him i am found
there's a cross before the crown
hopeless is as hopeless does
i love you well just because
i love you well just because

yeah i fell asleep when you needed a friend
you were sweating blood and talking about violent ends
ah we're pulling swords talking real loud
pledging allegiance yes us bunch of cowards

Did You Know?

This cut contains Bill's first recorded electric guitar solo. Previously these solos had been handled by Newt Carter.

A Review by BillBeaton / May 16, 2002

I subscribed to Prism magazine and received a free CD - strations of Love. It consists of songs submitted by supporters of the magazine. I liked several of the songs and loved a few of them. One that I loved was this song. I did realize that it was not the first time I had heard it. A few months earlier, I heard the song on the "folk rock" channel of the digital radio service I was subscribing too at the time. Back then I heard it (and "Tempest") with interest. After repeated listenings of the CD, interest became love. I bought VOL, then Slow Dark Train and To the Roof of the Sky, then Audible Sigh and most recently Summershine. It started with this song, which is one of my all-time favorites. Bill Beaton

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