And You Drown   Run Time: 3:47

Written by Bill Mallonee for Fingerprint Records and CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©1996

stumbled into this car crash
i crawled out of it and drowned
leaving me somewhat paralyzed
at least from the heart down
everybody knows something
yeah that's long since gone wrong
everybody know something
ah but they're not letting on

and you sink without sound
in those arms and you drown
and you drown and you drown

i think i've got it down now
let me repeat back what i've heard
"first there comes the subject
then there comes the verb"
mother teresa well i wanna be there
when you get your reward
me i'm writing these scrap notes
down here in the terminal ward

i hear that this is an election year
and i suppose it's true
big world gonna get
what little it has coming to her
i looked over my shoulder
yeah and hit the pedal fast
in an effort to elude
my rapidly approaching past

Did You Know?

This was written on the morning of Friday, March 8, 1996 (around the same time as "Points Of My Departure" and "We Were Still Rockin'") and was performed the next day at the 40Watt.

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