Unsuccessful   Run Time: 3:20

Written by Bill Mallonee for Irving Music, Inc., Allegiance Music, Russachugama Music and CyBrenJoJosh (BMI) ©1995

i've been swallowing lots of things
trying to take care of my mental health
i've been trying all the twentieth century
trying to make friends with myself
oh unsuccessful

mona lisa wiped the smile off her face
she ain't never gonna let on
the tick ticking inside her heart
it feel like an atom bomb
oh unsuccessful

you must learn to speak in hushed tones
when you're treading around here
you must learn to heed the warning signs
when the warning signs disappear
oh unsuccessful

Did You Know?

A common theme for Bill, "Unsuccessful" is a song about the use of pills and medication to solve our emotional and mental problems.

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